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Our Units/Equipment

Bertie County EMS

Type Of Vehicle: Bertie County EMS

Bertie County EMS, (5) New Ford Transits in line for final cleaning and getting ready for delivery next week!! We know they are excited to get these new ambulances on the road. Stay tuned for delivery photos.

Service Truck

Type Of Vehicle: Service Truck

What do you think about our new service truck headed out today? New truck, new design…tell us what you think. We are here for all of your service needs!

UNC-Rex Healthcare Unit # 7

Type Of Vehicle: Ambulance

UNC-Rex Healthcare Unit # 7 Ready for delivery Thursday morning! Thank you to UNC-Rex for your confidence and support o

Lenoir County EMS

Type Of Vehicle: Lenoir County EMS

Lenoir County EMS remount ready for delivery this morning! This is a great looking remount….can’t even tell the difference in a new one!

Toyne 3000 Gallon Tanker # 11828

Type Of Vehicle: Toyne 3000 Gallon Tanker # 11828

Toyne 3000 Gallon Tanker # 11828 You won’t find a better quality built fire truck than what Toyne offers. This unit is available for immediate delivery and at an excellent price of $220,000.00. The price includes delivery and your department name added to the truck! Give us a call today at 1-800-326-3787. We will have […]

Pinetown Rescue Squad & Emergency Vehicles

Type Of Vehicle: Ambulance

Pinetown Rescue Squad & Emergency Medical Services new ambulance being delivered today. Very nice unit with low-level blue floor lighting and cabinet lighting, all LED lights inside and out. Thank you for your continued support of Select Custom Apparatus. We are always here for you!

Augusta County Fire Rescue

Type Of Vehicle: Fire

Thank you to Augusta County Fire Rescue for the purchase of their 6th Wheeled Coach. Special thanks to Chief Holloway and Battalion Chief Ramsey!